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Fundraising at The Exmoor White Horse

Fundraising at The Exmoor White Horse

The Exmoor White Horse Inn at Exford has adopted The Calvert Trust at Wistlandpound as its Charity of the Year and is now actively fundraising to help this amazing and worthwhile charity. For those unfamiliar with the Calvert Trust, it is based in the North Devon countryside near Wistlandpound Reservoir and is all about challenging disability through outdoor adventure.

The Calvert Trust has over 30 years of experience in delivering exciting, challenging and enjoyable outdoor activity adventure holidays to people of all ages and abilities and every year help thousands of people with disabilities to take part in activities that they might otherwise not have had the opportunity to enjoy. To continue to do this they rely on people’s generosity, through fundraising such as that planned by the Exmoor White Horse Inn.

The Calvert Trust is keen to raise enough funds to enable them to have their own Shire Horse, and possibly a Dray as well, for their visitors to be able to ride. The staff at The Exmoor White Horse are busy planning various fundraising activities at the moment, including a Rock ‘n Roll Bingo Night, Charity Sky Dive and a sponsored Shire Horse Pull in 2012 from Wistlandpound to Exford.

If anyone out there is keen to become involved or take part in any of these activities please contact Pete or Linda Hendrie on 01643 831229 or email. In the meantime, keep watching your local paper for news, details and updates on all the fundraising taking place!