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Mountain Biking on Exmoor

Home to a range of off-road cycling paths that go from the basic to the challenging, Exmoor is just the place for any mountain biker. It is renowned as one of the best areas to go off-road cycling in the UK.

Mountain Biking on ExmoorThere are many maps and guides which showcase where exactly you can take part in mountain biking on Exmoor. The ones created by the Park Authority are colour-coded, with the easiest tracks coded in green, and the toughest coded in black, recognised by the Cycle Touring Club. This makes it clear for people of any fitness and skill to access the mountain bike trails. They are available online and also at the National Park Centres in Dunster, Dulverton and Lynmouth.

It is the perfect environment for off-road cycling. Secluded and far from traffic, Exmoor is a mix of rough and smooth terrain, and of rolling hills and gentle flat trails. The scenery is something else; beautiful trees, rushing rivers, and frolicking wildlife are there to keep your eyes on the track ahead and beyond.

For those that really love a challenge, Exmoor’s highest point, Dunkery Beacon, even has its own demanding path awaiting you. Strictly for the energetic only, it is definitely worth it if only for the amazing adrenaline rush on the way down! The trails at Timberscombe are also just as exhilarating, speedy downwards through woody forests. And for those that like surprises, there are the Tarr Steps, a twisty turny track with something new and exciting waiting just around the corner. Though Exmoor may look quiet and peaceful, it can still satisfy the needs of any adrenaline junkie.

For those that wish for a more relaxing time mountain biking on Exmoor, there are many flat paths and gentle hills. The nearby and hugely famous Tarka Trail in North Devon is great for gentle riders, although the trail is shared with other cyclists and pedestrians. It stretches over thirty miles from the town of Braunton down to Meeth in Mid Devon.

Mountain biking is just another thing Exmoor can add to its repertoire of activities to boast about. It is one of the corners of Britain which stays unchanged yet perfect. The back drop is perfect for any activity, not least mountain biking, where you can head deeper into the depths of Exmoor and explore what is often overlooked. Mountain biking means you can ride off the road, with no limits except your own, and Exmoor is just the perfect place to lose yourself in the sport.

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