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Riding on Exmoor

Riding is one of the activities most associated with Exmoor. When asked to think of things that come from Exmoor, some people may even mention the famous Exmoor pony, the oldest of the native British ponies. Non-wild Exmoor ponies can be ridden on Exmoor today, and also take part in showing and jumping.

Riding on ExmoorExmoor is an absolutely beautiful place to ride in whatever the weather, and offers a variety of terrains, both easy-going and challenging. For instance, you can ride through woodland, down valleys, by rivers or through the heather. It has something for every rider, from those who want to trot to those who canter. Exmoor has over 400 miles of well-maintained bridleways, so the choices of places you can go are endless. The more popular bridleways are signposted with the national colour code of blue, with some intersecting highways and roads, which are clearly signposted. The roads also have very little traffic so the area is very safe to go riding in. Some places also let you help look after the horses, feeding, etc., which, if you are going to be spending a long period of time with a horse that has only just met you, helps strengthen the relationship between the rider and the horse, giving you a better riding experience.

There are plenty of options also available for those who aren't ready to go out onto such challenging terrains. Many stables have a wide selection of horses that suit your abilities, as well as offering horseriding lessons. Accompanied by the guide you can explore the beauty of Exmoor and learn how to ride a horse or pony at the same time. Also, if you have a horse of your own, some local hotels also have stables to accommodate your own horses. The riding culture is still heavily embraced in the local area, so accommodation for horses is not unusual.

For those who aren't up to sitting on a horse themselves, horse and carriage rides over the moors are sometimes available. They allow you to take in the fabulous views without having to worry about falling off a horse, while still spending some time with one of the area's most loved animals.

There are so many options as to what you can do with horses on Exmoor. The choice, teamed with the area's love for the animal as well as the gorgeous scenery, makes riding on Exmoor an absolute must-do activity.