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Walking on Exmoor

Walking on Exmoor


Hello, I’m Richard (that’s me in the hat) and I am very pleased to work with Peter and Linda at The Exmoor White Horse as their Walks Guide and Safari Driver. Since I am inviting you to join me in exploring Exmoor please allow me to tell you something about myself.

I grew up on a North Devon farm and first came to Exmoor to stay with my Aunt and Uncle when I was twelve; the beauty of the heather and gorse-clad hills, the secretive combes, the wild red deer and the ancient remains of peoples long forgotten aroused a fascination that has never left me. Over forty years later I still love this place. After a career with the local Constabulary I studied for a degree before finding my niche in local tourism. Now in my late fifties, my favourite occupation is to lead visitors over Exmoor, using footpaths, bridleways, roads and access land as appropriate and sharing knowledge of subjects as they arise naturally: this, I am told, is what I do best. I do have an Honours Degree in countryside management, plus a walk leader’s qualification approved by the Mountain Leader Training Board, First Aid and basic teaching certificates. My intention in all of this is to give those who visit Exmoor with me the best possible service, and to enjoy doing it.

Although Exmoor is one of Britain’s smaller National Parks it is a place of great variety and beauty, and there is a lot to know. Although you don’t need to know very much to enjoy it, it helps to be with someone who knows something. Whether walking or riding, I’ll make it my job to give you a safe and enjoyable visit. Come and see for yourself what it is that even the locals rave about!


For Guided Walks dates please contact Tel: 01643 831229