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Local Suppliers on Exmoor

Local Suppliers on Exmoor

We go to great lengths to source locally wherever possible. Along with using local farms and fruit growers we source all our herbs from within the local villages of the moor.

Tony and Sylvia Ashford are just across Exford village green produce in our opinion, the best strawberries & raspberries in the area.

Simon Kiely and his wife Sarah who farm on the edge of the village have ventured in to farming blueberries, and are expecting to bare fruits for the first time this summer.

All of our meats are from Westcounty farms where all products can be traced back to any particular herd or flock.

We are pleased to work alongside the Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders Society for all of our lamb purchased from July through to late autumn, Mutton being made available throughout the rest of the year. With up to 190 flocks to choose from we are assured of top quality lamb being made available to our customers.

Crab and lobsters are readily available from Ilfracombe on the north Devon coast, we buy from the boat of Barbeary family who have fished out of Ilfracombe for generations.

We are probably best known for our moorland game, and in particular Venison, not farmed like so many others establishments, but wild, and believe us there is a difference. For over thirty years The White Horse Inn has dealt with local game dealer Jack Hoskins. Jack retired last year well into his seventies, and Charles Harding is following in Jack’s footsteps maintaining the quality of venison delivered.

Robert Peck of Coberly farm, delivers most of our dairy products, including all our cheeses, and a particular favourite is Exmoor Blue, which is a creamy cheese not to dissimilar to Stilton, but smoother on the pallet and found to the liking of many of our customers. Somerset Brie and smoked apple wood are just some of the other local cheeses that accompany our renowned cheese board.