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April 2010 – Mulled Plum Sponge Pudding

April 2010 - Mulled Plum Sponge Pudding

Mulled Wine Sponge Pudding


1lb Soft Margarine
1lb Caster Sugar
12oz Self Rising Flour
4oz Ground AlmondsFew Drops of Almond Essence
8 Eggs
2lb Plums
Half Pint Orange Juice
1 Pint Red Wine
Half Tea Spoon Ground Cinnamon
2 Tea Spoon Whole Cloves


Place Orange Juice, Red Wine and all Spices into a sauce pan.
Cut Plums in half and put into Red Wine
Cook and simmer until Plums are soft
Remove Plums and put to one side
Reduce the Mulled Wine a little
Line bottom of cake tin with baking paper
Mix together Margarine and Sugar
Add eggs one at a time
Add Flour, Almonds and Almond Essence
Line the bottom of the cake tin with Plums. (on top of baking paper)
Pour in Sponge mixture and cook in oven on 180, until firm or when you put a knife in the cake, the knife comes out clean
Leave to cool down
Then turn out the sponge from the baking tray, and serve warm with some of the Mulled Wine which has been strained off.