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September 2010 Exmoor Bread and Butter Pudding

Ingredients:Exmoor Bread and Butter Pudding

Half a loaf of bread (it doesn't matter if it's starting to go a little stale)
6x eggs
Half pint whipping cream
Half pint milk
100g Castor sugar
75g Dried fruit (I like raisins and apricot but use anything you've got)
Butter & Pinch nutmeg



Whisk together the Milk, Eggs, Cream, Sugar and nutmeg. Put to one side.

Butter the bread and cut into four triangles. Put a third into a greased deep tray or casserole dish, repeat and then arrange the last layer as neatly as you can. DO NOT put any fruit on top it'll burn and taste bitter!

Pour egg mixture over it all and give it about 10mins to soak well in.

Put into an oven at 180c and bake for about 20-25 mins make sure there's no runny egg

Serve piping hot

Exmoor Bread and Butter Pudding  is such an easy dish to cook with many ways to make it your own, but always a winning finish to a good meal.

The above should be plenty to feed 6